“New Energy”

“SUNNIK” means “NEW ENERGY” - representing the power of our commitment to providing the most hygienic, cost-effective, easy-to-install, and durable water storage tanks available.

Steelworks Engineering SDN BHD, founded in 1984, named its first pressed steel sectional water tank “SUNNIK.” Since then, this new energy has continued driving us to excellence and innovation in technology, customization, installation, extending tank service life, and, above all, customer service and support.

Over 35 years, we’ve built a reputation for best-in-class water containment systems - serving a complete range of needs from the world’s tallest skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa and The Petronas Twin Towers to the domestic water storage system for a town in Ghana. With our tanks in use in over 42 countries, we’re a global leader in water containment.

Our modular panel tanks - secure, flexible, reliable

Modular panel tanks have no equal for ease and flexibility - simple to ship and assemble in even the remotest locations. The same modular system lets you build a two-square-meter tank for a single household or a 2,000-square-meter tank to supply an entire town. They're also cost-effective because you choose the panel material according to your needs and budget.

We use cutting-edge design and fabrication methods to ensure each panel's quality and consistency, including robotic welding, laser cutting, and sheet molding compound (SMC) with 1000-metric-ton hot-pressed compression. We seek out and adopt the latest technologies from leading manufacturers in Britain, Japan, and international joint ventures. Sunnik was the first in the region to provide hydraulically pressed sectional steel tank covers that support walking, epoxy-coated sectional panel tanks, SS316, and SS444 stainless steel panel tanks.

All our tank systems are earthquake tested up to 1.5g. Sunnik's fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) or glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GRP) panel tanks meet the applicable British Standards Institute quality standard (BS EN 13280:2001) and are built with a factor of safety (FoS) of six times the maximum anticipated loads, while other brands are made with and FoS of only four.

Staying on the leading edge to maximize the performance of every tank panel is just part of what we do to ensure our water storage solutions are second-to-none.

Stainless Steel Panel by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
Sunnik HDG Water Panel Tank Detail
Sunnik FRP Panel Water Tank Specification Detail - Wall Panel
Sunnik HDG Epoxy Water Panel Tank Detail
Primer Coated Panel by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier

Our Company

The Sunnik Group of companies provides the full range of water tank services, including installation, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and tank lining systems.

We strive to meet the highest international quality standards and are accredited by a growing number of certification and regulatory bodies. We’re a past winner of a Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Award for international achievement.

Sunnik is strongly committed to making our products and processes sustainable. We seek ways to advance the future of water storage while protecting natural resources and addressing environmental impacts.

The Malaysian Construction Industry
Excellence Awards 2013

Special Mention

Federation of Malaysian
Manufacturer Award 2014


Sunnik Galvanising Sdn Bhd. Our own in-house galvanising plant enabling in-house galvanising to leverage quality, cost-efficiency, and cut production turnaround time for hot-dip galvanized (HDG) tanks.

When it comes to water containment technology, we’re continually raising the bar. Because where there’s quality water for the people, there’s Sunnik.

About Sunnik by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
About Sunnik by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
Sunnik Steelworks Panel Tank Factory Image

Sunnik Landmark Projects

About Sunnik by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
About Sunnik by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
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