FRP Panel Tanks

Robust, Eco-Friendly, Modular and Affordable Liquid Containment for:
Drinking Water | Commercial Mining | Food and Factory Production | Air Conditioning MAU's | Fire Protection
Industrial Liquids | Rainwater Harvesting | Sea water and Waste water Storage
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Conventional concrete and mild steel water storage tanks are prone to aging, wear, and corrosion. Concrete can crack when exposed to erosion and natural disasters, leading to water contamination and leakage – and usually can’t be repaired. Mild steel rusts and easily conducts heat, making it a poor performer in hot climates.

Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP/GRP) is a strong but lightweight glass fibre-reinforced plastic composite used in the aerospace, automotive, marine and construction industries. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, an extremely long lifespan, and is easy to maintain and heat-resistant.

FRP sectional panel tanks eliminate the drawbacks of other liquid storage methods. They’re durable, leak-free, highly cost-effective over their lifecycles, easy to install, reconfigure and relocate, and sanitary - making them ideal for a wide range of uses including drinking water storage, commercial mining, food and factory production, air conditioning MAUs, fire protection, industrial liquids, rainwater harvesting, seawater storage, and wastewater storage.

FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier

How Do FRP Panel Tanks Work?

Sunnik FRP panel tanks are custom-designed and constructed on-site from individual panels, which come in a range of sizes to enable the most efficient build for the specific location. There are also specially configured panels for the tank roof, sides and walls. FRP tanks can be used indoors or outdoors.

FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier


FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
No more leaks

The panel joints are sealed with a UV-resistant food-grade closed-cell sealant that doesn’t degrade with time or harsh weather. The convex shape of Sunnik’s FRP sectional panels distributes pressure toward the joints, further reinforcing the seals and preventing leakage.

FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
Erosion and corrosion free

Unlike steel and concrete, FRP isn’t prone to corrosion, further reducing risk of leakage and contamination of stored water.

FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
Superior strength

All our FRP panels are reinforced with fibreglass woven mesh on the external panel surface to maximize tensile, flexural and shearing strength. Our panel design’s structural rigidity is among the highest available.

Lower Lifecycle Cost

FRP Tanks Specification by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
A cost-effective solution

While tanks made from materials like concrete, mild steel, and plastic may cost less initially, the longer service life and reduced maintenance and repair costs of our FRP tanks mean reduced total cost of ownership.

Concrete and steel tanks are costly to install and even more costly to repair, and often need relining. FRP panel tanks require no lining or other internal or external coatings that can degrade or peel. They can be repaired by replacing individual panels and are low-cost to transport and install.

FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
Easy maintenance

The floors of Sunnik’s FRP Sectional Panel tanks are made of convex panels and a concave draining panel, allowing water to drain freely keeping stale water from accumulating during cleaning. The roof panels have an anti-slip surface for stable walking. Indicators on the outside side panels also show the water level so maintenance staff always know water levels at a glance.

BETTER Hygiene, Less Contaminant

FRP PANEL TANKS by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier
Steel and concrete tanks are susceptible to algae and bacteria, No organic matter can live in FRP Sectional Panel tanks.

BETTER Hygiene, Less Contaminant


Since FRP retains its integrity over time it doesn’t release contaminants into stored water. Panels undergo an SMC hot-pressing process that eliminates any possibility of styrene residue and creates a mirror surface that organic matter can’t adhere to. And unlike other plastic tanks, they have zero light penetration, preventing algae and bacteria growth.

Sunnik FRP Sectional Panels comply fully with the UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) standard BS6920-1:2000 governing the use of nonmetallic materials for storage of water meant for human consumption.


Weather-and Disaster-Resistant


Sunnik’s FRP Sectional Panels are computer-designed using finite element analysis to model performance during earthquakes, high winds and extreme temperature changes. With a factor of safety (FoS) of six times the maximum anticipated loads, the panels are strong enough to withstand the most catastrophic natural disasters and challenging conditions – when access to safe drinking water is top priority.


UV radiation can potentially degrade any material, especially over time. As part of research and development, our FRP panels were subjected to 3000 hours of analysis using a QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester, which simulates the effects of long-term UV exposure and other weather conditions.


FRP’s thermal conductivity is 240 times lower than that of steel, vastly reducing the chance of stored water freezing or overheating in extreme climates over long periods.

To augment insulation, customers have the option to add 25 or 50 millimetre polyurethane foam induction sheets to external FRP panels – eliminating the need to heat or chill water prior to use in extreme temperatures.

Accelerated Weathering Test Results
Property Requirement of
MS 1390:2010/SS 245:2014
After 3000 hours
Weathering test
Tensile Strength min 70 MN/m2 109 MN/m2
Bending Strength min 100 MN/m2 193 MN/m2
Elastic Modulus in Bend min 6,000 MN/m2 min 17,000 MN/m2
Glass Content min 25% 72%
Barcol Hardness 30% or 90% of the resin
manufacturer specification
(whichever higher)
Water Absorption max 1.0% 0.10%

Flexible and Easy To Install


For customers with more complex needs, Sunnik can install partitons within the tanks to allow for separate storage compartments. Tanks can also be enlarged if capacity needs increases or fully packed up and installed in a different location.


The panel-based design of the tank allows for modular installation in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Tanks can also be built around constraints and obstacles such as pillars, making them amenable to space that might otherwise be unusable.


Sunnik FRP Sectional Panels are lightweight – they can be lifted by hand. Our installation staff need no special equipment to install the tanks and get them up and running quickly.

Sunnik Stainless Steel Panel Water Tanks - L-shape tanks
Sunnik Stainless Steel Panel Water Tanks - E-shape tanks

Environmentally Friendly

At Sunnik, we’re concerned about the impact our projects have on the environment, so we’ve designed
our FRP Sectional Panel Solutions with eco- friendliness in mind.
FRP tanks save water because there’s no leakage. The insulated panels also save energy - the water stored inside is insulated against extreme temperatures, so it doesn’t need to be heated or cooled to be usable.
FRP is a fully reusable material. Since the panels are modular, they can be repurposed to other projects rather than discarded. FRP can also be recycled as a component of reinforced concrete, tarmac and brick.
The panels use less energy and resources in manufacture and installation than other materials, and the modular tank design allows for construction in wasted/unused spaces and reduces the need for demolition.
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i. Manufacturing specifications & design are subject to change without prior notice
ii. Manufacturing specifications can be customised subject to mutual agreement, manufacturer standards and safety factors
iii. Service water temperature and pH shall be at ambient temperature (38°C) and neutral and constantly maintained at its intended water level
iv. For tank finish selection and suitability, kindly seek manufacturer advice

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