Stainless Steel 304/316L
Water Tank Lining System

Stainless Steel Lining System by Sunnik Trusted Liquid Storage Panel Tank Supplier

Stainless Steel 304/316L Water Tank Lining System

  • Application: Internal lining system for Reinforced Concrete (R.C.) tank.
  • Expected life span of more than 50 years.
  • Stainless Steel liners are premium, hygienic, food grade steel used for lifetime protection against corrosion with minimum maintenance.
  • Stainless Steel liner acts as a protective layer against corrosive caused by oxidation of chlorine in water of R.C. tank.
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel (SS) 304 contains 0.08% carbon and 8% nickel compositions. Austenitic SS 304 provides useful resistance to moderately aggressive organics acids such as acetic and reducing acids such as phosphoric. The 8% of nickel composition in SS 304 assists in providing resistance to moderately reducing environment.
  • Stainless Steel (SS) 316L having molybdenum has a higher resistant corrosion than SS 304. SS 316L also having lower carbon composition is to avoid carbide precipitation during welding application.
  • Generally, Stainless Steel liners provide excellent fabric ability and formability and do not impart any chemical reaction to concrete walls.
  • SUNNIK Stainless Steel lining system ensures high quality, integrity and durability. We offer warranty periods ranging from 2-10 years subject to mutual agreement.
  • Insulation between liners is available as an option.
    – Further detail on service would be gladly furnished upon request.
    – Installation of Stainless Steel liners shall be performed by SUNNIK qualified installer only.