Your Galvanizing Powerhouse since 2017.

We are an adept assembly of galvanizing gurus with 20+ years’ mastery, pioneering hot dip galvanizing local and global projects.

Our Mission

Deliver the quality that astounds. Forge enduring client partnerships. Rise as the top choice in the galvanizing arena.

What we do

At our state-of-the-art Malaysian hub, metals are transformed. From raw to refined, we oversee every stage, culminating in a corrosion-resistant masterpiece.

Our Specialty

From towering steel structures to minuscule nuts and bolts, if it’s metal, we galvanize it.

Why Go Hot-Dip?

Combat corrosion. Embrace endurance. Hot-dip galvanizing doesn’t just shield—it strengthens. Every dip in our molten zinc bath ensures the metal’s longevity, protecting it from the ravages of time.

Our Process

It’s precise. It’s methodical. From degreasing to that final quench, we guarantee perfection every step of the way.

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Our galvanized steel doesn’t just resist damage—it rebuffs it. It gleams, endures, and serves as a beacon of sustainability. And it’s not just cost-effective—it’s an investment.

Why Choose SUNNIK Galvanising?


Harnessing advanced German tech in every galvanizing endeavor. Bath size of 8.0M (L) X 2.0M (W) X 2.3M (D)

Certified Excellence

Proud bearers of the ISO 9001:2015 badge by UKAS & BS EN ISO1461:2009

Support & Service

Expert guidance, start to finish.

Timely Delivery

Superior finishes, quality assured, lightning-fast turnarounds

Value Driven

Positioned at the forefront, meeting the escalating demand for galvanized solutions.

People First

Investing in our team’s continuous growth, retaining the finest talent.


Quality-driven, cost-conscious, solution-focused.

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