Failure to maintain your existing tank would render:

  • Sludge, dirt and other contaminants deposition
  • Corrosion attack on tanks
  • Disruption of water supply
  • Internal’s reinforcements weakened & will gave way
  • Tank’s wall buldge and water leakages
  • High cost for replacement of new tanks & related works

Prevention is better than cure

  • Every Sectional Water Tanks needs maintenance. Under British Standards 1564:1975 (revised), sectional water tanks are required to be inspected and maintain at an interval of every 12 months.

Proper & Effective Maintenance

Refurbishment service with proper corrosion treatment and protective systems by tank specialist offer:

  • Corrosion and toxic free
  • Good clean water supply
  • Prolong life span of water tanks
  • No disruption of water supply
  • Saving cost for replacement of new tank & related works

Why you should seek the services of tank specialist?

Steelworks Industries Sdn. Bhd., is the first tank manufacturer in Malaysia to introduce proper and effective refurbishment services for existing sectional water tanks. We have been providing:

  • Various effective corrosion treatment and protective systems with warranties ranging from 2 – 10 years tailored to your budget.
  • FREE maintenance programme with warranty period.
  • FREE inspection, consultation & proposals for all sectional water tanks.
  • Immediate replacement of all tank components and parts are ensured.
  • Full services from A – Z to all existing sectional water tanks.
  • Annual service contract for maintenance programme.